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If you can’t work from home or you’re a key worker you can now book a rapid COVID-19 test if you don’t have symptoms.


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On street parking updates - coronavirus

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What to do if you get a parking ticket

When a penalty charge notice is issued, you must either:

  • pay the charge before the end of 28 days
  • appeal the penalty charge notice

If the charge is paid within 14 days or 21 days for CCTV penalty charge notice , you'll receive a 50% discount.

If the charge isn't paid, you'll be sent a notice to owner. 

If you receive a notice to owner

If you don't pay the charge, you'll be sent a charge certificate and the charge increases by 50%.

If you receive a charge certificate

If you don't pay the charge, it's registered as a debt in the County Court. The court fee will be added and a notice of debt registration will be sent.

If you receive a notice of debt registration

If you do nothing, the court will grant authority for a warrant to be issued. An Enforcement Agent will be asked to recover the debt and you'll be charged an additional fee.

Page last updated: 05 October 2020

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