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Parking with a Blue Badge

Dulwich Village and Walworth Low Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes

Blue Badge holders who live within the Dulwich Village and Walworth Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) trials can register for a free exemption from the camera enforced traffic restrictions, in their neighbourhoods.

LTNs are designed to make residential streets safer, encourage people to walk and cycle more and reduce air pollution. However, in the course of our work listening to the people who live in the Dulwich Village and Walworth LTN trials, we have learned that Blue Badge holders may be disproportionately impacted by the schemes.

Blue Badge holders often have reduced mobility, which can make walking and cycling much more difficult.  In the interest of equality and in response to our residents, we are therefore inviting Blue Badge holders to register for an exemption. The exemption is to allow Blue Badge holders living in the LTN to travel with ease in their local area.  Access to every property within the LTN remains available at all times for all road users

To qualify for a free, local Blue Badge exemption you must:

  • have a valid Blue Badge, issued by Southwark Council 
  • live in Walworth or Dulwich, within the boundary area shown on maps A and B
  • identify one vehicle to be registered for the scheme, per Blue Badge

Please refer to the below maps to see if you qualify:

Low traffic neighbourhoods disabled access map for Walworth
Map A
Low traffic neighbourhoods disabled access map for Dulwich Village
Map B

How to apply for a free, local Blue Badge exemption

Step 1:  Blue Badge holders within maps A and B can register their details on our website.

Step 2: We will contact the Blue Badge holders to secure the following:

  • proof of address
  • car registration number
  • copy of disabled badge.

Step 3: We will confirm the Blue Badge exemption by email. LTN restrictions must be observed until this point.

Exemptions are commonly issued within one working day, from the point at which all of the above information and correct documentation are presented.

Terms and conditions:

  • Blue Badge holders must have their exemption confirmed by Southwark Council before driving through an LTN restriction
  • only Blue Badge holders can apply
  • the Blue Badge holder must live within an LTN to apply (see map).  The exemption only applies within the LTN where they live
  • exemption holders will not be permitted to drive through any other camera restrictions in the borough
  • exemptions will last for one year (or to the end of the LTN trial), holder’s will be notified by email in good time to reapply
  • Blue Badge holders can nominate one vehicle; either their own vehicle or the vehicle of their carer

If you encounter any problems while registering or need to change your vehicle, you are welcome to write to us at or call us on 0800 138 9081 or 0344 800 2736, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

If you do not have a disabled person's Blue Badge and think you may qualify, you can find further information and how to apply on our Blue Badge page.

Page last updated: 04 June 2021

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