Free childcare and food during the summer holidays

18 June 2024

School-age children, from 4 to 16, who live in Southwark and receive benefits related free school meals will once again be able to enjoy a summer of food and fun at a wide range of excellent childcare and activity providers across the borough this summer.

Better still, delicious hot and cold meals will be provided, free, for those attending the activities, which range in length from two to four hours of fun a day.

The Southwark Food and Fun scheme, which has over £1m funding allocated from the Government’s holiday food and activities programme is in its fourth year and has proved immensely popular with teenagers and children.

This year, children and young people can look forward to enjoying social, active, creative activities such as mural painting, graffiti art, cooking, jewellery design, boxing, yoga, football and other sports; providing exercise, stimulation, better wellbeing, learning through play and challenging activities that teenagers will love.

Meanwhile, parents are able to work, attend appointments, or have a break from finding entertaining things for them to do. As well as this, children will have all food provided, for free.

Teenager Alissa, says: “I came here to get out of the house and not just be on my device.”

Megan, aged 8: “My favourite is the yoga, it’s very fun and very calming. I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Activities will be offered by 34 providers, running 59 programmes, meaning there are 39,780 funded places over the entire summer period (an average of 2,100 per day).

All are fully safeguarded providers, so parents can be assured of a high-quality experience for their children. There are also activities which specifically cater for children with SEND.

Find out how to register for the Southwark summer holiday childcare and food programme.

Page last updated: 18 June 2024

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