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An update on the council’s planning application for filming and events in Burgess Park

1 March 2023

Following comments and feedback from residents, the planning application for filming and events in Burgess Park has been deferred.

Cllr Catherine Rose, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Parks, Streets and Clean Air, said: “We are grateful to the residents who have submitted comments about our planning application regarding filming and events in Burgess Park. A number of helpful suggestions were made about how we could do more to limit the impact of these plans on the local community and so we have deferred the application to allow us to carefully consider these, and to provide a comprehensive equalities impact assessment.

“We know residents care passionately about Southwark’s fantastic parks, and the council has shown over many years that we are committed to protecting and investing in our parks. But the money we have to do that, and to run fun, free events in our borough, has reduced massively over the years, and councils across the country are having to find creative ways to fund these services.

“Filming and ticketed events generate money for our borough that we simply would not have otherwise. They allow us to fund cultural projects and community events, create job opportunities for local people, generate income for local businesses, and invest in our parks and estates.

“It’s not just about money though. Many local people attend these ticketed events which bring music, art and culture to local neighbourhoods. We are a borough rich in culture, and many people choose to live here because of the huge range of activity they can find close to home.

“The permission we are seeking does not allow private companies to fence off our parks for days on end, or keep residents out. We are really clear with anyone who approaches us, that park users and local people come first, and that the events or filming must work around the people who use our parks. Even major events usually only close off a small section of a park. For example Gala in Peckham Rye uses just 12% of the park and common area.

“We know this application has generated some strong views, but we hope the community around Burgess Park will understand why we are seeking this permission. We will continue to work with them to protect their use of the park, and ensure local people benefit from the money generated.”

Page last updated: 01 March 2023