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Southwark’s outstanding bike storage offer

16 June 2022

Southwark Council has installed the third most bike hangars in London. With 2,616 secure bike hangar spaces available to local people.

Ongoing work means that hundreds more bike hangars are being added to this and the council has recently approved £2.5million, to fit 3000 more bike hangar spaces.

The council has an open invitation to all residents, to register their interest in a bike hangar and let us know where they’d like it to be. It has heard from more than 2,500 people already and used their requests to decide where to put new bike hangars.

Southwark Council is committed to helping people to use clean travel and reduce toxic, polluting fumes. It is supporting people to walk, cycle or take public transport for short journeys, as this would help to improve physical and mental health for everyone in the Southwark.

Cllr Catherine Rose, Cabinet Member for Parks, Streets and Clean Air, said: “This Clean Air Day we are inviting people who live in Southwark to let us know where they’d like to see a bike hangar. We work with schools to encourage cycling (and walking) and have one of the largest bike storage provisions in London, and probably even nationally.

“This means that more people who don’t have a garden to store their bicycle in, can now join the thousands of other people who ride bikes across Southwark, and get pedalling.

“It is vital that we all do our best to try and reduce the toxic fumes that pollute our city, and cycling and walking for short journeys is one of the best ways that we can help.”

Page last updated: 16 June 2022

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