New technology to help people with dementia comes to Southwark

27 February 2019

The Fred Francis Day Centre is the first facility in Southwark to install the Tovertafel, a Dutch invention that provides stimulating activities and games for people with dementia.

Translated to ‘The Magic Table’ in English, the Tovertafel turns a standard table top into an interactive game thanks to animations projected on the surface which users can play with by moving their arms and hands. Players respond to the projected lights, which in turn respond to their movements.

The games are designed to provide physical, mental and social stimulation for people in the mid to later stages of dementia. The games focus on the primary outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation and reminiscence as well as being designed to be played in a group to bring people together.

The games are designed to be inclusive of everyone with no winning or losing and with no rules to remember; a simple wave of the hand often being all that is needed to participate in the game.

The Tovertafel installed at the Fred Francis Day Care Centre also comes with the Tovertafel UP games package, specifically designed for those with learning disabilities. These games are designed differently, and feature a sense of progression, added complexity and levels as well as greater sensory stimulation.

As well as encouraging physical and mental activity the Tovertafel also helps players have fun together and with their families and carers in a safe environment.

Cllr Jasmine Ali, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Adult Care said: “This is a really fantastic piece of equipment that will bring a lot of enjoyment to visitors to the centre. The great thing about the Tovertafel is it brings people together to have fun while still being mentally stimulating. The Tovertafel really feels like the next generation of care. Dementia can be a difficult thing to live with and if the Tovertafel can bring some fun and happy memories then I am incredibly proud that Southwark Council has been able to bring this to them."

Page last updated: 27 February 2019