Alice in Winterland FAQs

17 September 2018

What is Alice in Winterland?

Alice in Winterland is a unique family lantern experience that tells the stories of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Taking place in the northern section of Southwark Park, Alice in Winterland is a walk-through event designed to be interactive using slides, water effects and other low level audio visual effects to explore the lanterns. There will be food and beverage traders, entertainers on the bandstand, special effects and a small community stage for local school and musician performances.

Sound and music within the installation will be low level background noise with some performances such as school choirs and local bands taking place on a small community stage.

The park will be accessible to park users during the standard park opening times. Park users will be able to access areas around the installation and be able to pass through it from east to west. The space designated for the event and the access route through it are marked on this site map (png, 1.2mb).

  • installation will take place from 7 to 20 November 2018
  • Alice in Winterland will be open between 3pm and 10pm daily from 21 November to 6 January 2019
  • all equipment will be offsite by 11 January 2019

Why has the council agreed to this?

There are two reasons why we would like to see this event come to Southwark Park. Firstly, we think it will give residents, and particularly local children and families, the opportunity to visit a wonderful festive experience right on their doorsteps (other similar events elsewhere in London have been very well-received), in line with our cultural strategy. Secondly, the organisers will make a financial contribution to Southwark for the use of part of the park. This funding will go into the council’s events budget which pays for the annual (free for Southwark residents) fireworks event, Bermondsey Carnival, and a range of other hugely popular free events across the borough. After years of cuts to council budgets, it is sources of income like this that allow us to continue to offer free events, when other councils are either charging residents, or cancelling their programmes.

The plans will be considered by the independent Licensing and Planning Committees, following public consultation.

Why has the council not consulted local people?

When we work with events companies, as part of our written agreement we require them to carry out public consultation. This has only just begun, and residents will be receiving more information in the coming months as we approach the event. In addition, the council will also be carrying out public engagement to understand and address any concerns, and ensure local people have accurate information about what is planned.

The Friends of Southwark Park have been briefed about the plans and expressed their support for the event.

More information about the engagement that has taken place, or will take place, can be found here

What is the involvement of local children?

The organisers are keen to give local schools to get involved with the event, with fun and engaging opportunities to participate, and the offer of free tickets to the event, but there is no obligation on them to do so.

How will the community benefit?

The council has agreed a range of benefits for local people with the event organisers, including:

  • 40 per cent discounted tickets for near neighbours to the site
  • 25 per cent discounted tickets for all Southwark residents
  • Free tickets lottery
  • Free tickets for local schools
  • Opportunities for local businesses to supply and trade at the event
  • Opportunities for local people to access employment at the event

Is the whole park being closed?

No, a section of the park will be temporarily closed for this event, while the rest of the park will remain open as normal. The section that will be closed off is marked in the attached map, and is towards the north of the park. Through access for residents will be maintained (marked in yellow) between 7.30am and 3pm each day, and none of the entrances/exits to the park will be affected.

How will you ensure local wildlife isn’t harmed?

The council ecology officer has examined the plans and is satisfied there will be no negative impact.

How will you ensure local people aren’t disturbed by noise or nuisance parking?

Mitigation against these potential issues are considered as part of the Event Management Plan, by the Safety Advisory Group (made up of representatives from the emergency services , transport authorities, and council teams) who are responsible for satisfying themselves that the plans are adequate and robust.

How can I find our more or book tickets for the event?

Page last updated: 09 November 2018