Southwark Council wins Intelligent Parking Award

14 March 2018

Southwark Council is delighted to have won the Intelligent Parking Award at the British Parking Awards at the Lancaster Gate Hotel on 9 March.

Southwark was competing against some inspiring projects from Hackney, Somerset, Westminster and Cheshire, for an award that recognises smarter approaches to planning and management of parking, along with solutions born of lateral thinking.

A wide ranging strategy developed by Southwark  Council showed a deep understanding of the need for road space to be used for more than just parking, by looking at how it could be utilised for walking, cycling and other services.

The council is committed to improving air quality, it wants to tackle obesity and reduce all types of traffic collisions. This means a rethink about how the borough’s kerbsides are used.

The strategy will inform the council’s long-term approach to creating attractive, safe and multi-use streets. It will support healthier neighbourhoods and encourages healthier lifestyles by encouraging more walking and cycling and improving air quality, by reducing congestion on the network.

Cllr Ian Wingfield, Cabinet Member for Environment and the Public Realm, said “We believe we are the first Local Authority in Europe to have produced an evidence-based, holistic approach to look at this often-overlooked and neglected but valuable public space. We are delighted that our strategy has garnered the recognition of this prestigious award.”

Page last updated: 14 March 2018