Strong relationships praised as Friars Primary rated Good in Ofsted report

6 July 2018

Strong relationships with pupils and parents have helped Friars Primary Foundation School achieve ‘Good’ rating in all areas following a two day inspection in May.

In their report, Ofsted inspectors praised the positive effect that supportive relationship between staff and pupils had on their learning. The report noted “The positive relationships between adults and pupils promote pupil’s confidence and belief in themselves.  As a result, they become resilient and resourceful in overcoming barriers to their learning and personal development.”

The schools work with parents was also highlighted in the final report. Parents of children in Nursery and Reception classes “unanimously praise the way their children have developed […]. They feel well informed about their children’s learning. The effective partnership between home and school about individual achievements supports ongoing learning well.”
Inspectors found that teaching at the primary schools has also improved, “teachers know their pupils well, and they plan work that helps pupils of all abilities to make good, and sometimes rapid progress”.

Since the school’s last inspection in 2015, the headteacher and other school leaders have worked together to “create a school focused on bringing about the improvements necessary following the previous inspection. They identified what needed to change and have taken action to improve achievement and the quality of teaching in reading, writing and mathematics.”

Inspectors found that Friars Primary School was a nurturing and orderly learning environment with a strong focus on learning and well-being. The work pupils produce is highly valued and celebrated on displays throughout the school which pupils said “helps them to try hard and raises their aspirations”.

Cllr Jasmine Ali, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Adult Care said: “What this report makes abundantly clear is that Friars Primary cares about its pupils and this is having a real impact on pupil achievement.  Children are happy there and enjoy their lessons, this is something that all staff at the school should be proud of. Well done to everyone at the school on this fantastic report and I look forward to hearing more of Friars Primary successes in the future.”

Justin Burtt, headteacher of Friars Primary Foundation School, said: “Given the complexity of having a full inspection in the middle of Key Stage 2 SATs week, we are so pleased that this report captures the school as it really is – a capable, confident and caring organisation that successfully puts children’s achievements and well being front and centre of everything we do. Our children and families are absolutely amazing and it is a privilege to work with them every day. I must also express my deep respect and gratitude to the staff and governors at Friars who’s talents, hard work and resilience help make our school such a great place”.

Page last updated: 06 July 2018