Praise from Government minister for Southwark Council’s trailblazing homelessness service

11 July 2018

This week, Southwark Council contributed to two All Party Parliamentary Groups, sharing its expertise on homelessness prevention.

Speaking at the launch of the APPG on Ending Homelessness’ annual report: ‘Rapidly responding to homelessness’ on Monday, the acting Housing and Homelessness Minister Nigel Adams MP praised Southwark Council’s ongoing Trailblazer work in preventing homelessness, stating that: “It is a real pleasure to see the work that Southwark Council has done to implement the new Act. It is really impressive to see everyone working together to prevent homelessness. I hope that you [Southwark Council] don’t mind other councils coming down to yours to learn about the work you are doing.”

Following on from its first-year report on prevention, the APPG for Ending Homelessness’ second inquiry focused on rapid responses to homelessness, stating that ‘Whilst prevention should always be strived for, this may not always be possible. Homelessness is life shattering and creates further problems, from loss of confidence to physical and mental health breakdowns. As such, it is vital that action is taken to find people stable, secure housing as quickly as possible’. 

The inquiry looked at how to resolve homelessness quickly for migrants and young people particularly and it considered how rapid rehousing models can be used as an effective approach towards resolving homelessness quickly. A culmination of a year’s research and consultation with sector experts and people with lived experience, the report gives the Government recommendations for action. 

The launch brought together policy makers and experts from across the youth, homelessness and immigration sectors. Speeches were heard from Co-Chairs of the APPG for Ending Homelessness, Neil Coyle MP and Will Quince MP, Crisis’ Director of External Affairs Matthew Downie, and persons with lived experience of being homeless. 

The Local Government APPG also met this week to discuss the Implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act. At the meeting Nigel Adams MP gave his latest update on the Government’s plans for homelessness and rough sleeping, as well as his views on the recent implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act and how best councils can carry out their homelessness duties.

Councillor Stephanie Cryan, cabinet member for housing and modernisation at Southwark Council said: “I am thrilled that our great work has been recognised right up to the top, but we have a long road ahead. The issue of homelessness and rough sleeping isn’t going away – it’s increasing, and we need to continue to meet that demand head-on. I will continue to call for action from the Government to give councils the appropriate, long-term and secure funding we need to prevent homelessness for many years to come. It makes a huge difference to the lives of people facing the toughest situations and I hope we can support our residents by being their voice in this way.”

Page last updated: 11 July 2018