Hundreds of affordable creative and business spaces set for Southwark

3 February 2017

Southwark Council is on course to smash its target of delivering 500 new, affordable work and creative spaces across the borough.

Just over 160 spaces have already been created through a range of regeneration projects such as The Artworks, Spare Street and affordable retail space at Elephant One at the Elephant and Castle, temporary space on the Aylesbury estate and the Peckham Enterprise Centre.

A further 597 spaces are proposed through other projects like Peckham levels, Peckham Palms, the council’s redundant garages project and London Bridge Station affordable retail, among others. Over 70 of these will be delivered through section 106 planning agreements on major developments.

Cllr Johnson Situ, Cabinet Member for Business, Culture and Social Regeneration, said: “When people think of regeneration the main focus tends to be on housing, but at Southwark we are determined to make regeneration work for everyone in the borough.

“New and emerging small businesses have an incredibly important role to play in the borough and across London, and one of the benefits of regeneration is we can create jobs and more affordable space for our local businesses and voluntary sector to grow and develop.

“We can also work with our developers to provide incredible opportunities for our increasing creative and cultural offer, as we have with the already popular Artworks at Elephant and Castle or will with Peckham Levels.

“We set ourselves an ambitious target of 500 affordable spaces in our new Southwark Plan, but we now have a strategy that shows we will not only reach this target but have the potential to smash it.”

Page last updated: 03 February 2017