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Visiting Southwark Archives

Searchroom rules

As a researcher, you have an important part to play in helping us protect and care for our collections. You help make sure Southwark’s stories can be enjoyed into the future by being mindful of your own actions.

Please make sure you understand and follow these rules:

  • sign in at the enquiry desk when you arrive
  • finish eating and drinking before entering
  • use pencil only in the searchroom
  • handle collection material carefully
  • check with staff before photographing or copying
  • follow staff instructions on handling material
  • leave items on the desk when you are done with them
  • ask staff for help if you are unsure what to do
  • only use our public PCs for accessing family/local history resources

Food and drink damage documents and attract pests that do more damage. Please keep all food and drink containers tightly closed and away from documents while you are in the searchroom. This includes chewing gum, bottled water, sweets, and throat lozenges. If you have access needs, please let staff know so we can help.

If you need to write something down in the searchroom, please use pencil only. Pens, highlighters, correction fluid, and other stationery can damage our collections beyond repair. Please let staff know immediately if you are concerned about a document’s physical condition or have accidentally damaged a document.

Page last updated: 03 January 2024


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