Visiting Southwark Archives

When you arrive

When you arrive at John Harvard Library, go along the corridor and up the ramp to the back of the building. You will find the searchroom at the end of the corridor. Please make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your hands before entering the searchroom. This protects our documents, as well as staff and your fellow researchers.

Please check in with the member of staff on duty at the enquiry desk when you arrive. The enquiry desk is on your left as you enter. The staff member on duty will give you a sign-in sheet: please fill it in and return it. It gives us the information we need to contact you if we need to and confirms that you will follow our searchroom rules during your visit. Our rules help ensure that our collections are available to you and others far into the future. We are legally required to collect the information on the sign-in sheet, and you need to provide it in order to use any of our collections.

Please make sure you are familiar with our searchroom rules and handling rules. Southwark Archives expects that researchers will follow them. If you need more information, please talk to the staff member on duty.

Page last updated: 03 January 2024


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