Literary map of Southwark

In a borough with a host of extraordinary literary connections, Southwark libraries have started a project to capture as many of them as possible, with the creation of a literary map of Southwark. To investigate further use the map below or follow the link for a larger, easy-to-navigate Literary map of Southwark.

This map indicates places of literary interest in Southwark with the associated book shown with an option to borrow it. The map can be navigated by:

  • clicking once on a map point to reveal more information
  • clicking the borrow this book link to check availability of the book at your local library or to reserve online
  • moving around by dragging cursor on the map
  • using zoom bar or double click to zoom in
  • holding SHIFT to draw a box on screen to zoom in

The literary map contains a separate subset for all of the borough's links to the work of Charles Dickens. This can be toggled on or off by using the menu on the left of the map. Southwark played a hugely important role in the early life of Dickens and this is reflected in the books, the majority of which have Southwark connections.

Help us with your literary knowledge

At Southwark libraries we want the Literary map of Southwark to be a constantly expanding feature. If you are aware of other books that feature Southwark we would love to hear from you. Ideally they will be books that are currently in print as we want to encourage other readers to try them too. Ideally, you’d provide:

  • title of book
  • author
  • place in Southwark that relates to the book, so that it can be plotted on the map
  • a very brief description of the book and its link(s) to Southwark

Please email Southwark Libraries or tweet us at @SouthwarkLibs with your suggestions.

Page last updated: 28 October 2019

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