Southwark Scholarship Scheme

Application process

The application process is on-going with four separate stages closing throughout the year.   

Stage 1: expression of interest 

Students applying to start university in 2019 must complete an expression of interest online to notify us of their interest in our scholarship scheme. 

Stage 2: university offers 

Students who have expressed interest in our scholarship scheme will be sent an email asking them to upload provisional offers received from prospective university(ies) for the 2019-2020 academic year. You must upload these online with your application. 

The deadline for uploading university offers is 14 May 2019 - no uploads after this date will be considered. 

Stage 3: supporting evidence

After students have uploaded their university offers, they'll be sent an email inviting them to upload evidence to support their application, including:

  • sixth form/college attended
  • academic qualifications
  • income documentation
  • community statement
  • academic and community references

The deadline for uploading supporting evidence is 13 June 2019 - evidence submitted after this date won't be considered.

Stage 4: A-Level results

Students who have uploaded their supporting evidence will be sent an email inviting them to upload the A-Level results they achieved.

The deadline for uploading A-Level results is 19 August 2019 - results uploaded after this date won't be considered. 


A panel will evaluate applications and agree a shortlist of students from those who've reached the final stages of the application process. The highest ranked applicants will be invited to attend an interview at our offices in Tooley Street.

Financial checks

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to provide supporting documentation to confirm their identity and confirm they meet the household income criteria. This will take place in person at Southwark Council’s offices at Tooley Street in late August or early September. Household income is defined as the combined income (including certain benefits) of all people residing in your household, including but not limited to; parents, siblings, other relatives, non-relatives etc. If this figure exceeds £25,000 you will not be eligible for the scholarship.


Students will undergo a one stage interview in late August or early September 2019. Students should aim to be available for interview at this time. There will be no telephone interviews available this year.


Successful students will be notified and awarded with their scholarships in September 2019.

Page last updated: 13 February 2019