Southwark Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship application for 2019 is now closed

Our scholarship scheme can help you study at university of your choice by covering the cost of your university tuition fees. Since our scheme began in 2011, we've helped more than 88 people enroll in higher education.

The scholarship has supported students to study a variety of subjects, including medicine, engineering, economics, law and art.

scholarship scheme 2019

Message from the leader of the council

"As a council we value our young people and are determined to do our bit to give all of them the best start in life. The Southwark Scholarship Scheme is not only an investment in young people, but a helping hand for a generation that needs to gain the skills and experience to be the workforce of tomorrow.  Southwark Scholarships are just one part of our work to build a fairer future for all."

Councillor Peter John, Leader of the Council

Who can apply

If you're interested in going to university but worried about the costs, The Southwark Scholarship scheme is available to students who meet the following criteria:

  • this must be your first degree (current university students are not eligible)
  • you must be under 25 years old
  • you must have a good academic record of achievement
  • you must have made a positive contribution to the community of Southwark
  • you must have been a resident in Southwark for the last three years
  • you must have a household income of less than £25,000

The scholarship is only awarded to a select number of students each year. At each stage of the application process you must meet the full eligibility criteria in full to progress to the next stage.

You must meet our required eligibility criteria throughout the application process

For further information, please email

Page last updated: 12 February 2020

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