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Planning back office

Weekly update - 29 November 2019

The final week of the final sprint and we’ve wrapped up the alpha phase activities for exploring the back-office planning system (BoPS) with Southwark Council, Hackney Council, Greater London Authority, Coventry City Council, Croydon Council and MHCLG.

What happened this week?

This week has mainly been focused on honing in activities around user testing with planning teams, making changes to our prototypes based on feedback, synthesising insights into the final alpha report and defining our next steps for BoPS.

Integrating with Hackney Council’s SmPA - Igor has been working on a coded prototype for pulling in planning applications from Hackney Council’s Submit my Planning Application, in which we’ve successfully integrated with its API to pull in data.

BoPS wn9

Holding Show & Tell #4 wrapping up this 8-week phase with the sprint four (and final) Show & Tell on the planning floor at Tooley Street, sharing progress from across the final two weeks, as well as an alpha overview. It was great to have colleagues from MHCLG, Wycombe Council and Hackney Council attend.

What’s next?

Over the next week, the team is planning on:

Wrapping up the alpha phase report, which is to be published and shared openly, including our prototypes. Finalising our next steps recommendations for BoPS, as well as further areas of opportunities identified through this alpha phase


Boris, Gemma, Graeme, Igor, Jack, Martyn and Michelle (the Southwark and Unboxed team)

Page last updated: 01 December 2020

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