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Planning back office

Weekly update - 15 November 2019

This week has seen the team wrapping up sprint three of the BoPS alpha phase. Six weeks into the phase and the team.

What happened this week?

BoPS wn7

User testing in Greenwich — Michelle ventured to Greenwich Council on Monday to test the next iteration of our prototypes with Case Officers and Planning Managers within their planning team.

User testing in Lambeth — Jack and Graeme headed out to Lambeth Council on Tuesday morning for further user testing sessions with some of their planning team (a Planning Officer and Planning Manager). Feedback was generally positive, with comments including: “This would save a lot of time and work. We repeat a lot of the same tasks at the moment. This would help in avoiding that.” and “I hope this [goes] live tomorrow.”

User testing with Wycombe — On Wednesday, Boris and Graeme tested our prototypes with three members of the planning team at Wycombe Council.

BoPS wn7a

Show & Tell #3 — the team held the project’s sprint three Show & Tell on Tuesday afternoon, on the planning floor at Tooley Street, sharing progress from across the last two weeks, with guest attendees including members of the planning team at Havering Council.

Iterating our prototypes — taking feedback from the last few interviews and iterating our prototypes based on this.

Technical prototyping — beginning to take example applications from Hackney Council’s ‘Submit my Planning Application’, Igor is creating a simple coded prototype to take a planning application from the system and pull it into the BoPS front-end.


Boris, Gemma, Graeme, Igor, Jack, Martyn and Michelle (the Southwark and Unboxed team)

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