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Weekly update - 1 November 2019

This week has been about wrapping up our second sprint and heading into our third. Building out the prototypes and user testing them has been the main priority, as well as continuing to arrange further testing sessions with a variety of different councils.

What happened this week?

Some of the activities covered by the team this week include:

BoPS wn5
  • User testing in Coventry - Michelle and Martyn took to the road on Monday, heading to Coventry City Council for the day to test our prototypes with some of the planning teams there. We also tested with a planner from North West Leicestershire District Council which gave us an insight into some of the assessment considerations of planners in rural areas.
  • Holding Show & Tell #2 — holding the project’s sprint two Show & Tell, on the planning floor at Tooley Street, to share progress from across the last two weeks (the team then spent the rest of the afternoon holding a sprint retrospective and planning sprint three activities).
  • User testing in Croydon - following some iteration of our prototypes from Monday’s sessions, the team headed to Croydon on Wednesday to further user test with some of the team there. Michelle and Gemma, who recently joined Southwark as a Planning Apprentice, spoke with two senior planning officers and found out that planners in Croydon get involved early on by validating applications themselves (this is done by separate teams in some councils). As Croydon has a high risk of surface water flooding planners also need to consider this when assessing applications. The team will use these insights to iterate the prototypes further!


Boris, Graeme, Igor, Jack, Gemma, Martyn and Michelle (the Southwark and Unboxed team)

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