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Affordable housing monitoring

What are we doing?

Following a discovery phase of work, Southwark have begun an alpha phase of work, with help from dxw digital, to see how we might access clear and timely information on the affordable housing stock in the borough. In addition, we also want to be able to monitor this information on a frequent basis and make it publically available in an easy and clearly presentable way.

At the kick-off workshop we structured the session around dxw's key discovery questions. It was well attended by a selection of senior stakeholders from within Southwark’s planning and housing and legal teams, and uncovered interesting insights around the motivations for initiating this project. We used this session to start building a list of the issues that this work could start to address.

It’s still very early days for this work, but check back every Friday when we post a weekly update.

Why are we doing it?

Affordable housing refers to the provision of homes people can rent/buy for lower than usual market rates. It's meant to provide accommodation to those in most need, as well as to people who cannot, for different reasons, afford market rates.

In order to build new homes, developers or housing providers need to be given planning permission by the council and they have to prove that they'll provide a policy compliant number of units for affordable housing.

Over the next two months we'll look at:

  • whether we can have more frequent checkpoints from the planning to the completion phase, so that the number of units delivered for affordable housing is tracked (with reasons of change explicitly explained/negotiated)
  • whether we can present that data in a publicly accessible and easily searchable way, open to all
  • whether we can use the collated data more easily to take enforcement action, should the need arise
  • whether we can identify suspected breaches in a timely way

Page last updated: 10 February 2020

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