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Parking zones


Parking zones cover approximately 50% of Southwark and provide area-wide restrictions that operate, predominantly, to give priority of parking to local residents and to short-stay visitors to shops and businesses.

The other 50% of Southwark also has many local controls, for example for bus lanes, blue badge (disabled) bays , yellow lines at road junctions and short-stay parking bays close to shops.

All restrictions must be marked in accordance with the Department for Transport and motorists are reminded that it is their responsibility to check the signs and lines before they park to avoid being issued a penalty charge notice.

You can read about parking signs and lines in the Highway Code.

Parking zones

With 21 parking zones across Southwark, restrictions are not always the same because different areas have different parking patterns; our zones are tailored to these variations. 

During the hours when parking controls are in operation, parking is only allowed in designated parking places. Parking spaces are indicated by white bay lines and will have signs to explain who can park in the bay.

Areas that are not safe for parking will be indicated by single or double yellow lines or parking signs.

Times of operation

Parking zones operate at various times throughout the day and different days of the week.

Outside of these times, permits are not required and visitors do not need to pay to park. 

Each parking bay will have an associated sign that shows the days of the week and the times that the bay operates.

Parking bays

Parking bays are identified by white markings on the road.

You will find that there are a range of bays within each parking zone, this is to help balance the many differing demands placed upon our finite supply of kerb parking space.

Typical streets will include permit bays, shared use bays (permit holders and pay display), loading bays, blue badge bays, car club bays and sometimes cycle hire bays.

Each bay will have a sign next to it stating who may park in the bay and the hours when those rules are enforced.

If no times are stated on the sign this, nationally, means the bay operates at all times.

Blue badge (disabled) bays

Blue badge parking bays are reserved solely for those persons who may need assistance with accessibility and who are displaying a European blue badge. 

These bays operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week, unless signed otherwise.

Read more about blue badge parking here.

Motorcycle Bays

Motorcycle bays are reserved solely for the purposes of parking motorcycles only.  Motorcycles in motorcycle bays can park for free.

Single yellow lines in controlled zones

Controlled zones remove the requirement to sign lengths of single yellow lines within them.

Those controlled zones that have single yellow lines within them will have Controlled Zone entry plates at each of their entrances.   These signs state the days and hours that yellow lines operate.

In some locations, there may be single yellow lines with time plates.  Typically, these restrictions operate for longer periods than the rest of the controlled zone, in bus lanes, for example. 

Always check the signs to make sure it is ok to park.

Double yellow lines

A double yellow line means that no parking is allowed at any time. Please remember that:

  • All double yellow line restrictions in Southwark operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including bank holidays
  • Double yellow lines do not require a sign plate next to them stating that no parking is allowed
  • Double yellow lines are sited for safety reasons, in areas where parking could cause a serious obstruction

Zone signs

Our newest zones (and, where possible, those that have been recently reviewed) do not have any Controlled Zone signs at their entrances.  These parking zones do not have any single yellow lines within them.

In these areas we have marked all lengths of kerb with either a parking bay (safe to park) or a double yellow line (not safe to park).  

This reduces the visual intrusion of large Controlled Zone entry signs but also assists in clearer restrictions, at the point of parking. 

All our other Controlled Zones will have a Controlled Zone sign at each entrance. The law has recently been changed and this sign only needs to be placed on one side of the road. 

We are not required to place Controlled Zone signs at the boundary between different zones which have the same operational hours. Again, this helps us reduce street clutter.

Over the past two years, we've either removed or not installed enough zone signs that, stacked one on top of each other, would be the same height as Nelson's Column!

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