Leaseholder Deed of Certificate

The Building Safety Act 2022 states that certain non-cladding remediation costs for historical building works will have a maximum amount rechargeable by the Landlord to qualifying leaseholders.

A qualifying leaseholder will be:

  • a residential leaseholder in a building that has multiple residential homes in it, and the building is at least 11 metres high or has at least 5 storeys
  • the height of a building is to be measured from the ground level to the finished surface of the floor of the top storey of the building

Any top storey which is a roof-top machinery or garden area should be ignored. Likewise, any basement or storey below ground level can also be disregarded. However, any mezzanine floors might be considered a storey. For full details, please refer to section 117 and section 118 of the Act.

We are sending out notices to leaseholders who we think may qualify. This does not necessarily mean your building or lease is applicable, but we have a legal duty to ask, and you have a legal responsibility to reply. All leaseholder(s) names must be listed on the certificate but only one signature is required. We only require one certificate per property. We will not accept e-signatures.

There are no known defects with our buildings, but we must take this precautionary measure in case any future issues arise.

If you have lost your Leaseholder Deed of Certificate that we sent you, you can download one yourself from the government website.

Submit your Leaseholder Deed of Certificate

Submissions must be received before the deadline date on the notification we sent you in the post.

Deadline extension

If you're struggling to gather all the information by the deadline on your notice, you may apply for a four-week extension. You may only apply for this once.

Apply for Leaseholder Deed of Certificate deadline extension


We can't provide you with any more advice. If you need any more help completing the Deed, contact a service such as Citizen’s Advice or The Leasehold Advisory Service

You may also check the government’s Frequently Asked Questions section on their website, which might be able to answer your questions.  

If you have any more queries not related to advice, use the following form: 

Make an enquiry about a Leaseholder Deed of Certificate

If your contact address is not up to date, please use our Tell us about a change form to let us know.

Page last updated: 13 February 2024


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