Fire safety on the Ledbury Estate

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments (Type 1)

Fire Risk Assessment (Type 4)

Southwark Council has carried out Type 4 fire risk assessments (pdf, 963kb) on the Ledbury Towers.

A Type 4 fire risk assessment  is much more comprehensive  than a Type 1 fire risk assessment (the type carried out on all housing stock and known as an FRA), and includes taking samples from the building itself in what is known as a ‘destructive inspection’. This allows us to see if any past alterations on the building have had any impact on the compartmentation. Before a destructive inspection is carried out, the risk of disturbing asbestos is always considered.

Type 4 inspections are usually only carried out in specific, limited circumstances. However Southwark will be going beyond current guidance and will be undertaking Type 4 surveys to all blocks paying particular attention to those in programmed works.

Southwark Council ensures that all issues are highlighted in the report - no matter how minor.  As a result there is an expectation that a number of tasks will be found due to issues associated with buildings such as movement, expansion and shrinkage.  The fact that a number of tasks are listed will not mean that the building is in any immediate risk, and it would not be unusual for any building following an inspection of this type.

London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority - Notification of Fire Safety Deficiencies

These are letters from the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority that set out any concerns they have with individual blocks. They set out action that they want a landlord to take and give a deadline. In the case of these notices the deadline was 8th March 2018 and the actions were included in the Fire Risk Assessments that are dated December 2017 and published above.

Page last updated: 13 December 2018