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How to bid for a new council home


Once registered, residents will be sent a confirmation letter informing households of the following:

  • bidding website:
  • bidding number: 3xxxxxx
  • unique reference: dd/mm/yyyy (this will default to the main applicants date of birth)

Residents are also able to attend the Ledbury office for bidding support.

What I need to register and why

  • identification Passport, immigration documents, British birth certificate. To ensure we are processing documents for the correct household member
  • 2 proof of residence showing name and address for each adult (tenancy agreement, bank statements, electoral register confirmation, utility bills, etc). To confirm tenants and household members are residing at the application address
  • proof of income
    • paid employment – recent payslips, contract of employment, P60, bank statement showing wages, letter from employer confirming name and address
    • voluntary employment – letter from manager on headed paper confirming the number of hours volunteered each month and the date voluntary employment commenced
    • confirmation of any benefits

The allocations scheme offers additional priority in the assessed priority band through our starring system. The submission of these documents will enable the Applications team the ability to award any additional priority.

  • children
    • full birth certificates
    • Child Benefit letters

Due to limited housing stock, we are only able to register children on an application where they are dependant upon the main tenant.

Bidding FAQs

How many bids can I submit per week

Residents are permitted to bid for one property per week.

Does it matter what time I bid

No, residents are shortlisted for properties based on their priority band, number of stars and then the qualification date within the priority band.

When do properties become available

The bidding cycle runs from Thursday to Sunday when we will advertise the available properties.

Are there any other properties available that are not advertised

All available properties are advertised on the Homesearch bidding scheme once they become available.

How long will it take before I am rehoused

There is no specific time frame as to when a household will move. Residents are encouraged to be flexible in their bidding choices including the area, property type and landlord (housing association or Southwark).

What will happen once I have a successful bid

We will write to the successful household within 3 to 5 days following the closure of the bidding cycle on Sunday.

What if I refuse a property

Applicants will be advised of the refusal in writing but no penalty will be applied. Residents are advised to carefully consider the details of the property in order to achieve a successful move.

What if I fail to bid each week

There is no penalty for failing to bid. However applicants who actively log on to the website and are flexible in the property type and size are more likely to be re housed through the bidding process.

Can I bid on all properties

You will be able to exercise your choice through the bidding process.  However you will only be able to bid for properties that meet your housing need such as property size or medical need.

Why can’t I bid on some properties that are advertised

Some properties are advertised for specific categories. This includes the following:

  • sheltered properties
  • older persons dwelling
  • adapted properties on the accessible housing register
  • family dwellings (households with children under 17)

I came first for a property at the end of the bidding cycle, but I am not being offered the property? Why is this

Some properties have been listed for specific categories of households. This could include the following examples:

  • local lettings scheme
  • households with medical priority
  • tackling overcrowding
  • adapted properties

This information will be clearly listed within the marketing details of the advert. Therefore the property will be offered for the household whom meets the specific criteria.

I don’t understand the bidding icons

The website will list all the icons however please see the attachment on Homeserach symbols (pdf, 66kb) for reference.

How do I know if I have a star

Your priority band and the number of stars will be added are displayed on your Homesearch bidding application once you have logged in.

I have noticed my personal details (name/contact number/bedroom entitlement/etc) are not correct. How do I get this amended

Tenants can complete an online change of circumstances form located on the main webpage of the Homesearch bidding.  Alternatively the resident can attend the Ledbury office.

How do I know if my medical details have been assessed

We will write to you and advise you of your medical recommendations. You can attend our Ledbury office if you have not had a response to your medical assessment.  If you have not completed a medical form you can update this via the change of circumstances form.

Page last updated: 07 December 2018