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Asbestos in your property

It’s important to remember that asbestos-containing materials aren’t a cause for concern if it’s in good condition and in a place where they’re unlikely to be disturbed. It’s only when the asbestos-containing materials are damaged or disturbed that asbestos can become a danger.

It's important that you don't damage asbestos or handle asbestos that’s been damaged.

If you’re a homeowner or a private landlord, you’re responsible for managing asbestos inside your property, including the safe removal of any asbestos. 

Contact the asbestos team if you're a council tenant and suspect there’s damaged asbestos-containing material in your home. 

If removal or repair of any asbestos-containing material is required, the work will be carried out by an approved licensed asbestos removal contractor.

You can find important information and advice about asbestos on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Page last updated: 23 May 2022


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