Update on repairs: COVID-19

Southwark repairs are planning on restarting our services in line with the governments roadmap. We've outlined the plan below, but this could change based on government advice. If things do change, we'll update this webpage to let you know.

We'll be restarting works on the repairs you've already told us about on 12 April. This includes every type of repair. We have a large number of repairs waiting to be completed, and we'll need time and help in completing these repairs. We'll be calling you to book in these repairs from 29 March, but it will take us a few weeks to call everyone. We ask for your help in waiting for the call rather than calling us to keep the lines free for essential repairs. We’ll be using some of our repairs partners to help us get all the repairs completed as quickly as possible. We’ll always have ID when we visit your home and you can always call us and check someone is working on our behalf if you're unsure.

We’ll also be phasing back in our communal repairs and inspections of our estates. We have a lot of repairs to complete and you'll see move activity across our estates in the coming weeks as we resume work.

We’ll be using the next few weeks to get up to date with the repairs we know about. Our teams will continue our health and safety processes to keep you safe in your home and protect our colleagues when they’re visiting you and your neighbours. When we visit your home we’ll ask that you ventilate where we're working, practice social distancing and wear a mask when you're in the same room as our colleagues. This still applies even if you've been vaccinated. If you experience symptoms or test positive after you report your repair, please give us a call back to let us know as soon as you can. Our repairs colleagues and partners will continue doing their part in keeping you safe by social distancing, asking questions on any symptoms before we come inside and cleaning their tools and work area before and after the repair. When you call or email us about your repair we’ll continue to go through health and safety information with you, as we do now.

We’re planning to start taking new repairs again from 21 June. It’s likely we’ll be very busy during those first few days. If you can report your repair using our online form or by emailing us, we’ll have more people ready to answer your emails quickly.

We’ll be updating this webpage frequently in the next few weeks to keep you updated on where we are with restarting our services and how this impacts you.

The last few months have been challenging for us all and we thank you for your continued support as we restart our full service as quickly and safely as possible.

Page last updated: 13 April 2021

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