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Report a communal repair

If you'd like to report a communal repair online, please check if it's already been reported. You can also view the progress of any reported communal breakdown on the same page.

To report a communal repair login into your MySouthwark account.

 Report a communal repair

Or you can email us at

When reporting a repair, please be clear about the location such as the nearest door number, floor level or the number on the item (lift number, street lamp number etc). It's helpful if you attach a photo of the repair with your email.

For emergency repairs (those which are immediately dangerous) call 020 7525 2600

If you have a power cut or loss of water supply / communal heating, someone may have already reported it. You can check if this has been reported and see updates.

Check updates for your block

Lift repairs

If someone is trapped in a lift call 020 7403 9271 and an engineer will attend within 1 hour

To report all other lift problems call 020 7525 2600 and an engineer will attend within 4 hours. 

Help us keep our lifts in working condition:

  • don’t spit, urinate or allow your pet to urinate in the lift
  • don’t hold lift doors open
  • don’t kick any objects into the door tracks, runners or gaps
  • don’t press the alarm button unless you are trapped inside the lift
  • don’t wedge the lift doors open as this could damage the door mechanism

Page last updated: 04 January 2022


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