Our repairs contractors

Contractor identification

Our contractors will show you their official identification; don't allow them in without it. 

If you want to check if someone is an official contractor call us 020 7525 2600

Our main contractors are:

  • Southwark Building Services (SBS)
  • OCO Ltd
  • Smith and Byford
  • Liftec Lifts Ltd
  • Spokesmead Maintenance Ltd
  • Silk and Mackman

Contractor standards

When one of our contractors (or one of their subcontractors) visits your home, they should always:

  • confirm what repair they intend to do
  • explain how long the work will take and which rooms will be affected
  • ask if materials and tools can be left in a particular place to avoid inconvenience or danger
  • make sure there's safe access in and out of your home
  • be polite
  • tell you if they need to leave (explaining why and when they will return)
  • park their vehicles considerately
  • make sure your essential services are reconnected at the end of the day
  • complete your repair to your satisfaction
  • leave the repaired area clean and tidy
  • explain why a repair may need another visit (and when that will happen)
  • explain how to operate and maintain all new equipment installed and provide manuals where appropriate
  • explain any notice or protection times (for example 'do not touch wet plaster for 2 hours')

Our contractors must never:

  • play radios or smoke in your home
  • work under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • seek private (paid) work from you

You or another adult must be present at all times when the contractor is in your home.

Report a problem with your repair

If you have any problems with our contractors (either quality of work or a behaviour problem), we want to hear about it. Log in to your MySouthwark account, access My Housing Services and report the issue.

Report a problem with your repair

Or email us at repairs@southwark.gov.uk

Page last updated: 02 August 2022


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