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ASSA keys and fobs

We only issue keys and fobs for the communal entry doors and not for individual doors to dwellings

You can order new communal access (ASSA) keys and entry fobs online and have them delivered if:

  • you're a council tenant or leaseholder (or with their permission)
  • you’ve lost your key
  • you need a replacement for a faulty key
  • you need to order new ones for members of your household
  • you need to order new ones for occupants of your property

Please note: if you're a tenant or leaseholder of Applegarth House, Browning, Cooper Close, Falcon Point, Haddonhall, Leathermarket, Styles House, Two Towers or Willowbrook, you'll need to contact their team directly.

How to order

When you place an order, we’ll need your ten-digit rent or service charge number and the date of birth of the tenant or leaseholder.

Order a new key or fob


  • faulty key or fob replacements - free of charge
  • additional ASSA keys - £27.00 each (up to a maximum of four)
  • additional entry fobs - £26.00 each (up to a maximum of four)

We accept payments made via Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards.

What happens next

Once you place your order:

  • we'll confirm that your application and payment have been received via email
  • we'll arrange an exchange or delivery to replace a faulty key
  • we'll arrange for additional keys (up to a maximum of four) to be delivered
Please note it can take one to two weeks to receive your new keys or fobs, and we only deliver to registered addresses.

If you need further assistance, officers at our MySouthwark service points can help. You can also contact

Page last updated: 25 April 2023


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