Major works to your home

We carry out major works in order to maintain and improve our housing stock.

Improving housing in Southwark is central to the council’s wider plans to create a fairer future for all. Access to appropriate, good quality, genuinely affordable homes is important not just for residents, but also to the wider economy and essential to shaping a borough that all residents can be proud of and which is truly sustainable into the future.

Major Works Programme Update

We have previously advised that the QHIP programme is currently under review due to the new building safety regulations.  Our ongoing review has highlighted the impact that the new legislation is having on live schemes.  As such, the completion dates for our on-site schemes are currently under review. 

We will announce our updated programme, including the revised completion dates in the autumn of 2022.

More information

If you’re a potential buyer, see our buying, selling, subletting and remortgaging section.

For all other queries relating to our major works programmes, contact Investment Planning.

Page last updated: 12 August 2022

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