Major works to your home

We carry out major works in order to maintain and improve our housing stock.

Improving housing in Southwark is central to the council’s wider plans to create a fairer future for all. Access to appropriate, good quality, genuinely affordable homes is important not just for residents, but also to the wider economy and essential to shaping a borough that all residents can be proud of and which is truly sustainable into the future.

Major works programme update

The QHIP programme is currently under review due to new building safety regulations and once the review has been completed we will share, on this page, more information about future works to your home.

You can find a list of ongoing works below:

On site schemes

Project Name Project Manager Contractor Start on Site Date Practical Completion
Practical Completion
Date A/E
Tustin T&RA Hall & Concierge QHIP Joe Bannon Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 10/12/2018 25/02/2022 Estimate
Tustin Hidden homes Joe Bannon Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 10/12/2018 28/03/2022 Estimate
Maydew enabling works Phase 2b Cheryl Phillips Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 07/01/2019 31/01/2022 Estimate
Tustin WDS 2013 Joe Bannon Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 15/04/2019 28/03/2022 Estimate
Chilton Grove QHIP Cheryl Phillips Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 24/06/2019 21/12/2022 Estimate
Chilton Grove Rooftop Homes element Cheryl Phillips Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 24/06/2019 19/07/2023 Estimate
Medina QHIP 18/19 Sharon Shadbolt Elkins 25/11/2019 08/06/2022 Estimate
Lettsom QHIP 19/21 - Internals Sharon Shadbolt Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 13/01/2020 08/02/2022 Estimate
Wyndham Estate Phase 1 (Heating Mains, plant, BH)18/19 QHIP Bola Odusanya Vital Energi Ltd (Framework tender) 14/09/2020 21/02/2022 Estimate
Fair Street TMO QHIP 18/19 Joe Bannon Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd (tendered) 12/10/2020 29/07/2022 Estimate
Canada Estate QHIP 17/18 (inc. ventilation) Joe Bannon Durkan Ltd (Framework tender) 19/10/2020 28/03/2022 Estimate
Mardyke and Naylor QHIP 20/21 Cheryl Phillips Standage & Co Ltd (Framework tender) 24/05/2021 28/02/2022 Estimate
Damory / Thaxted Rooftop Development / QHIP Cheryl Phillips Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 21/06/2021 21/11/2022 Estimate
New Build-on-top at Damory/Thaxted 19/20 Cheryl Phillips Engie (Keepmoat) Ltd 21/06/2021 21/11/2022 Estimate
Silverlock Estate QHIP 2019/20 Joe Bannon Elkins (Framework) 05/07/2021 23/05/2022 Estimate
Redman House QHIP 20/21 Cheryl Phillips Elkins 12/07/2021 07/02/2022 Estimate
Kingswood Estate Externals - QHIP 18/19 Mike Balfour Elkins 09/08/2021 12/07/2023 Estimate
Rockingham Street QHIP 20/21 Cheryl Phillips A&E Elkins Ltd (Framework Tender) 20/09/2021 30/05/2022 Estimate

More information

If you’re a potential buyer, see our buying, selling, subletting and remortgaging section.

For all other queries relating to our major works programmes, contact Investment Planning.

Page last updated: 25 January 2022

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