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How we look after your blocks and estates


Our cleaners will do the following:


  • litter pick, remove fly tip and spot mop/wash spillages in internal communal areas
  • sweep, mop and clean lifts
  • litter pick and remove dog fouling and fly tip from external communal areas
  • place dumped rubbish in domestic waste bins inside bin rooms, rotate waste bins to ensure empty bins are below chute hoppers, sweep bin room floors
  • check for blocked chutes and report any blockages
  • remove litter, fly tip etc. from recycling sites/banks and to a surrounding area of 5 metres
  • empty litter bins

Twice a week:

  • sweep and mop internal communal areas other than lifts


  • sweep external balconies and wash/spot mop any spillages of bodily fluids, animal fouling etc. Clear dirt, detritus from drain gratings
  • empty dog waste bins


  • remove fly tip, litter etc. from block entrance canopies and roofs to a height or 4m or less above ground level
  • clean block entry doors and screens
  • clean internal fixtures and fittings


  • power wash walls and floors of refuse rooms/bin chambers

Quarterly throughout the growing season (March to October/November):

  • control and remove weed growth on communal hard standing areas

Six months:

  • wash dog waste bins
  • wash walls and ceilings of internal communal areas
  • polish internal vinyl flooring
  • clean communal windows (excluding the outside face of first floor and above windows)


  • wash litter bins
  • clean external fixtures and fittings
  • our cleaning service will provide a pro-active, rapid response service (as and when basis) to deal with the following:
    • unblocking of estate rubbish chutes
    • removal of fly tip
    • removal of offensive and non-offensive graffiti and fly posting
    • removal of snow/ice and application of grit to priority areas in

Our grounds maintenance service will:

  • cut all communal grass areas once a fortnight dependent on grass growth between the months of March and November
  • maintain shrub, rose beds, hedges and plant containers in a weed free condition
  • ensure shrubs, roses and hedges are pruned according to type, season, and good horticultural practice and to mitigate against any nuisance or obstruction

Everyone has a part to play

It’s everyone’s responsibility to help maintain pleasant and safe surroundings, so we ask all our residents to make sure you:

  • put all rubbish in the correct containers, bin chutes and/or bin stores
  • don’t leave belongings or rubbish in communal areas, including landings and corridors
  • don’t drop litter and clean up any mess or spillages
  • make sure all fire and security doors are closed
  • don’t let dogs foul any outside areas, including gardens and pathways, and pick up any dog mess
  • don’t fly-tip - Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. If rubbish has been dumped on pavements, highways or on council estates, we can remove it and in some cases get our enforcement team to investigate; if evidence is found, we can prosecute those responsible

You can find further information on our fly tipping page

Page last updated: 15 February 2022


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