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We're changing the way we listen and talk to our residents who live in council managed homes. These changes mean that everyone who lives in a council home or temporary accommodation can get involved in a way that suits them.

Get involved
Get involved

The council is also giving residents more support and funding to do the things they want to do to improve their local estates and communities.

These changes are part of the council’s commitment to make all of our homes and estates great places to live. The council can only achieve this by working together with residents to ensure our housing services work for our residents, our homes are in good condition, our estates are safe, clean and cared for and our local communities are supported to prosper and thrive. That’s why we want every resident to feel they can get involved.

In making these changes, our aim is to grow the number and diversity of our residents who are actively involved in shaping the council’s housing services and improving their estates and community and to enable them to be more effective at both.

How can residents get involved in the new resident participation activities

The cabinet proposals for resident involvement that were passed in February 2020 have had to be adapted to take into account the impact of COVID-19. In particular, we're having to change our meetings from being face-to-face to being online for the time being. This is reviewed on a regular basis and in line with government health guidance. 

The following pages will explain how you can get involved in the council’s resident participation structure (jpg, 224kb):

Have your say with the online Resident participation suggestion box

The Resident Participation Suggestion Box

Page last updated: 13 July 2022

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