Resident Involvement Review Co-Design Project

Review of resident involvement

Southwark Council is one of the largest landlords in the country with around 55,000 council homes across the borough, and with this comes a number of challenges and decisions that affect the thousands of council tenants and leaseholders.

We greatly appreciate the hard work of so many residents in their local communities and in holding the housing service to account. However, the resident involvement structure has hardly changed since the late 1980s, despite huge social and cultural changes in the borough, in the way the housing service is run and in terms of technology and social media.

We're committed to listening to our residents and making sure we involve as many people as possible in our decision-making processes. As part of this, in June 2018 the council’s Cabinet agreed to undertake a review of how the council currently involves its tenants and homeowners in decision-making relating to council housing policy and services.

The review is being undertaken by a joint resident-officer panel that is being chaired by an external expert on resident involvement.

The Resident Involvement Review Co-Design Panel will be meeting several times between August and November 2018. At these meetings, the Panel will consider evidence presented by a range of stakeholders relating to the strengths and weaknesses of the ways we currently engage with our residents. It will also consider alternative models of resident involvement and make recommendations for for a new approach.

The review will conclude with a report from the Chair, which will be presented to the council’s Cabinet for consideration in 2019.

Page last updated: 12 April 2019