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District heating

District heating charges and energy costs

Understandably, many Southwark residents are concerned about rising inflation and the cost of living. Across the board, daily items have become more expensive which is placing a strain on everyone’s finances. Energy is just one part of this picture, but an important part. Whereas general inflation has increased to around 10% recently, wholesale energy prices have increased by much more. In response, Ofgem has increased the energy price cap substantially.

District Heating customers are not covered by the domestic energy price cap, however, although the rates that the council pays for gas increased substantially in April 2022 they are still well below the new energy price guarantee levels, and are currently fixed until April 2023. However, despite our below-market rates, heating charges will need to increase to cover the gas price rises.

Since district heating charges are calculated differently depending on tenure, we have compiled some frequently asked questions for each type:

Page last updated: 05 December 2023


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