Property licensing

Licence conditions

Your licence will have a schedule of conditions attached to it. These conditions must be complied with within the time period stated on the full licence.

The standard licence conditions are the following:

  • all licensed HMO's must comply with Southwark's HMO standards (pdf, 137kb)
  • all licensed properties must be compliant with the LACORS fire guidance (pdf, 878kb)
  • landlords of licensed properties must take all reasonable and practical steps to reduce or prevent anti-social behaviour and the use of the property for illegal purposes by persons occupying or visiting the house
  • there's a permitted number of households and individuals; the licence holder is responsible for ensuring that the maximum number stated in the licence is not exceeded

All licensed properties will have to comply with the private rental standards (pdf, 84kb).  

If we believe that the property has specific issues you need to address, they'll either be dealt with separately to the licence or they'll be added as a licence condition.

If the council owns the freehold to your property, you must ask for permission before carrying out any alterations to the property.

Page last updated: 05 March 2019