Property licensing

Fees and discounts for privately rented property licences

Before we can process your application for a licence, you'll need to first pay a fee. The fee depends on the type of licence you're applying for. The application form calculates your fees, so you must choose the correct description of your property and the correct number of bedrooms available for letting on the application form, especially if it’s an HMO.

Please note fees have been updated since 31 March 2018

HMO licence fees (mandatory & additional schemes)

  • £262.65 per bedroom for the first 10 bedrooms
  • £157.59 for each bedroom in excess of 10 rooms

Mandatory licences typically last for 5 years. Additional licences are typically valid up to 31 December 2020 (when the scheme ends).

Selective licences

  • £525.30 per flat / house (all properties)

Selective licences are typically valid up to 31 December 2020 when the scheme ends.

Licences will generally be given for the periods stated above; however, properties with evidence of poor management or other housing related problems will only be given one or three years, depending on the severity of the issue


A discount of 20% is given to landlords who are members of the accreditation schemes approved under the London Rental Standard.


We do not refund fees if the property reverts to a property that no longer needs a licence before the term of the existing licence is complete (eg if the property becomes owner occupied or is no longer let as an HMO in year 3 of a 5 year licence).

The fee pays for processing the licence, so we'll only give refunds in exceptional circumstances and where we have not yet inspected the property or issued a draft licence.

Page last updated: 05 March 2019