Property licensing

Exemptions from licensing

Certain properties are exempt from licensing. For information on which properties are exempt, we recommend you read Schedule 14 of housing Act 2004 for HMO’s and The Selective Licensing of Houses (Specified Exemptions) for single family properties in the selective licensing areas.

Temporary exemption from licensing

A temporary exemption notice (TEN) can be issued if you demonstrate that you'll be taking steps to ensure the property is no longer subject to licensing (eg if the owner intends to live in the property or sell the property).

A temporary exemption notice lasts for three months and is renewable only in exceptional circumstances. A maximum of two temporary exemption notices can be issued.

If we refuse to grant a temporary exemption, you'll receive notification of the reasons and you'll have the right to appeal against our decision. You can appeal to the residential property tribunal within 28 days of our decision.

If you wish to apply for a temporary exemption notice, contact us.

Page last updated: 05 March 2019