Private rented property licensing

Licence holder

You'll need to decide who will be the licence holder. This will usually be the person, people or company who exercises practical control of the property including the collection of rent, arranging repairs and management. The owner or manager of the property can be the licence holder.

Licences are non-transferrable, so whoever you choose as the licence holder must remain so for the duration of the licence. If you need to change the license holder before the licence expires, the new licence holder must apply for a new licence.

Joint licence holders

You can have more than one licence holder for a single licence (eg if you're a married couple who own the property or are in an business partnership). Our existing application form doesn't currently allow you to add more than one named licence holder. However, if you apply for the licence in your name and want other names added to the licence, email us and we'll add the additional licence holders.

The licence holder must be a fit and proper person

On the application form, the proposed licence holder will be asked to declare whether they have any of the convictions listed below. They must also state, to the best of their knowledge, whether any manager of the property has any of the convictions listed below:

  • any convictions relating to violence, sexual offences, drugs and fraud
  • any convictions relating to housing or landlord and tenant law
  • been found guilty of unlawful discrimination
  • contravened relevant legislation in any HMOs they've managed

If the proposed licence holder is not found to be a fit and proper person in the past, and thus refused a licence on that basis, we'll take into account:

  • what the conviction was for
  • the date of the conviction and whether it is spent
  • whether the conviction will affect the person's ability to be a good landlord

You can download the manager / agent fitness form (pdf, 40kb) and ask the property manager to complete it for you. You can then transfer the information onto the online application form via our Property Licensing Portal.

We recommend you keep a copy of the signed form for your records

Page last updated: 13 April 2021

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