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LAS2000 is an independent, apolitical, voluntary organisation. Its membership comprises leaseholders and homeowners of ex-local authority properties in Southwark. LAS2000 promotes the interests of its members by holding Southwark Council to account, ensuring it delivers on its aims to:

  • be open, honest and accountable, spending money as if it were from its own pocket and
  • treat residents as if they were valued members of its own family.

We do this by providing free information, initial advice and guidance to our members about a range of issues, including:

  • how to oppose costly and unnecessary service charges and bills for major works,
  • how to challenge the quality of the work that is undertaken and
  • understanding the terms of members’ leases.

We also scrutinise proposed legislation and review cases from leaseholder tribunals, ensuring its potential significance to leaseholders is understand our elected representatives.

LAS2000’s independence allows us to lobby on our members’ behalf and to challenge Southwark Council’s decisions up to and including taking legal action. You can contact us and find out what we do through the following mediums:
Facebook: Las2000
Twitter: LASouthwark

Page last updated: 12 December 2017


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