Contacting us

If you want to contact us about home owners services, choose from the list below.

Your reason for contacting us

Service charges

  1. Problems paying a service charge invoice
  2. Request a major works payment plan
  3. Request a service charge refund or transfer
  4. Locate a missing payment on your service charge account
  5. Request an actual service charge breakdown
  6. Request a service charge payment plan 
  7. Submit a query or compensation request for loss of heating and hot water 
  8. Pay your service charges
  9. Make an enquiry about your revenue service charge calculation

Sales, re-mortgages and telling us about a change

  1. Get a pre-assignment pack
  2. Get a letter of postponement
  3. Get a re-mortgage pack
  4. Pay for a notice of assignment
  5. Tell us about a change
  6. Pre-assignments - Make an enquiry
  7. Remortgages - Make an enquiry 
  8. Give authorisation for someone to discuss your account on your behalf

Building insurance

  1. Homeowners - Make an enquiry about building insurance
  2. Get a copy of your building insurance certificate
  3. Make a claim on your building insurance

Service charge loans

  1. Get a redemption statement, statement or balance for your service charge loan
  2. Get more information or apply for a service charge loan
  3. Request a service charge loan refund
  4. Tell us about problems making your service charge loan payments
  5. Make an enquiry about your loan 

Viewing your service charge account online

  1. Get help accessing my online service charge account
  2. Link multiple properties to MySouthwark account 

Gas servicing

  1. Apply and pay for gas and boiler servicing 

Section 20 consultation

  1. Leaseholder observations - s20 Notice of Proposal/Notice of Intention (Capital Works)
  2. Leaseholder observations - s20 Notice of Proposal/Notice of Intention (Revenue)
  3. Comment on S20B costs incurred to date or final account 

Housing investment planning

  1. Make an enquiry about housing investment planning 


  1. Contact the garage team

MySouthwark Homeowners

  1. Email the Conveyancing team
  2. Request permission to alter your property
  3. Homeowners Arbitration- email
  4. Get a copy of your lease 

Independent representation

  1. Citizens Advice Southwark
  2. LAS2000

Council tenants looking to buy a property

  1. Email the Social Homebuy team
  2. Contact Home Purchase grant team
  3. Contact the Right to Buy team 

Private home owners and landlords

  1. Contact tenancy relations service
  2. Apply for Gold Standard Charter membership
  3. Report a Gold Standard Charter Landlord
  4. Contact Housing Solutions procurement
  5. Contact Private Sector Housing Enforcement
  6. Contact Empty Homes team

Page last updated: 12 April 2024


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