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Notice of transfer

When a lease is sold or passed to someone else, it’s known as an assignment to the new owner or owners. The lease says that the council must be told about this.

Sold your lease

If you’ve recently sold your lease it’s the responsibility of the buyer’s solicitor to send us a notice of assignment and pay the fee so we can update our records. 

Please check with your solicitor to find out if the buyer has sent us the paperwork.

Bought a lease

If you’ve recently bought a lease your solicitor should send us a legal notice of assignment and charge (if you have a mortgage) and pay the fee written in the lease so we can update our records.  When we get the legal paperwork, we’ll contact you with information about service charges and building insurance, including log-in details for your MySouthwark account.

Please check with your solicitor whether they’ve sent us the paperwork and paid the fee, or you can pay the fee and upload a copy of the notice now.

Page last updated: 27 April 2023


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