Hardship Buy Back scheme

The Hardship Buy Back scheme considers buying back ex-council properties that were sold under Right to Buy. The scheme is designed for homeowners who need to sell their property due to changed circumstances or severe financial difficulties, where the homeowner is in danger of repossession.

In exchange for the homeowner reverting to a secure council tenancy, the council will buy back the lease at 40% of the market value.  The amount the council pays must be sufficient to cover the cost of all secure debts.

Properties we're looking to buy

We'll consider individual circumstances, including:

  • you don’t have an alternative residence
  • you can't afford to pay a large service charge debt owed
  • you can't afford to pay future service charges due to your financial situation
  • you can't sell your property because it’s not mortgageable
  • you can't obtain a mortgage to purchase a replacement property
  • the property isn't part of a regeneration scheme and/or compulsory purchase order
  • we’re planning major works to your property, block or estate and you can't afford your proportion of the costs
  • if you’re not the original Right to Buy purchaser

How to apply

If you'd like to be considered for the Hardship Buy Back scheme, download and complete the application form.

Apply for the Hardship Buy Back scheme (pdf, 134kb)

Once you've completed the form, print it, sign it and return it to:

Housing & Modernisation
Sales & Acquisitions
PO BOX 64529

Further information

The Buy Back is a “sitting tenant” scheme, which means that after we've bought back the property, the owners become tenants of the property.

You should be aware that the property's ''sitting tenant'' value is considerably lower than the open market value. We can't repurchase any property unless the sale proceeds are sufficient to cover all home owner debts secured against it.

Page last updated: 04 March 2019