Walking Away from Diabetes Programme

Walking Away from Diabetes is a pre-diabetic intervention programme for people who are at risk of diabetes. The initial three-hour educational workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore their personal risk and identify changes they need to make to remain healthy. In Southwark, patients are offered a further follow-up workshop at 12 weeks and individual follow-up consultation at 24 weeks. The educational workshops and follow-up consultations take place at community settings in the borough.

The programme covers the following:

  • understanding more about diabetes and blood glucose
  • how being at risk can affect long term health
  • understanding which factors contribute to being at risk
  • reducing risk through physical activity and healthy eating
  • planning for the future

Who can attend the programme

You can refer any of your patients to the Walking Away from Diabetes programme who meet the following criteria:

  • HbA1c result between 6.0 - 6.4%
  • aged 18 years +

How to refer a patient

GPs and Health Care Professionals can complete the referral form available on EMIS or DXS and email it to clinical.contactcentre@nhs.net (Everyone Health Clinical Contact Team).

Further information

If you have any questions, call 0333 0050 159 or email clinical.contactcentre@nhs.net.

Page last updated: 03 October 2018