Healthy workplaces

If you're a local employer, you can sign up to the Mayor of London’s Healthy Workplace Charter. Our Public Health team offers advice and support to help all local businesses tackle workplace health problems, and to improve the health of employees and their working environments. 

We can offer support and help you achieve your ambitions whether you:

  • aren't sure where to start
  • are already doing some work, but would like to make it more focused and effective
Find out about our free half-day health and wellbeing workshop (pdf, 112kb) taking place on 19 June

The case for a healthy workplace

The business benefits of improving workplace health are well-known. Comprehensive workplace health programmes can result in fewer accidents, improved productivity and increased workforce engagement.

Did you know

  • physically active workers take 27% fewer sick days than their non-physically active counterparts
  • happier workers are 12% more productive than average, with unhappy workers 10% less productive

We can help you

Whether you’re a small business, a large corporation or public sector organisation, the Charter can help you:

  • address recruitment and staff retention, sickness absence and employee productivity
  • make positive changes in workplace environments and attitudes
  • gain a reputation as a leading London employer, devoted to their staff

To find out more about how we can help you, email us.

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Page last updated: 10 June 2018