Stop smoking

Find information on stop smoking support in Southwark, the benefits of stopping smoking, COVID-19 and e-cigarettes and vaping.

Why quit smoking?

Your health will improve the moment that you stop smoking, even if you already have health problems related to smoking.

Find out more about the benefits of quitting smoking and what to expect.

COVID-19 and smoking

If you catch COVID-19, your symptoms may be more severe if you smoke.

The evidence shows that if you smoke, you're more likely to catch illnesses that affect your lungs, and your symptoms are more likely to be more severe (you will be more unwell) than people who do not smoke.

Illnesses that affect your lungs are called respiratory infections and include coughs, colds, and the ‘flu, as well as coronavirus.

We do not yet know how vaping may affect your health if you catch coronavirus, but overall vaping is a better choice than smoking.

How e-cigarettes and vaping can help you quit smoking

E-cigarettes are also known as vapes or e-cigs. E-cigarettes are far less harmful than cigarettes and can help you quit smoking for good.

Vaping can help you with your quit journey. The evidence shows that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. You must switch completely to vaping as there's no safe level of smoking. Find out how vaping can help you quit smoking

Page last updated: 09 August 2022

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