Healthy eating

Eating well in pregnancy

How to eat well in pregnancy, free vitamin D for adults and children, help to buy food and milk (Healthy Start scheme) and free fruit and veg in Southwark.

Get information from the NHS on how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Eating a healthy and varied diet while pregnant will give you and your baby the necessary nutrients. View the guidance to a healthy diet in pregnancy.

When pregnant, you must take extra vitamins like folic acid and vitamin D. You can find more information about vitamins and supplements recommended during pregnancy.

Free vitamin D scheme for mums and children

We need vitamin D to keep our bones and muscles healthy. Our bodies make most of our vitamin D when we're exposed to sunlight. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been staying at home more. This means we may have less vitamin D than we need. Adults and children over 4 are advised to take a daily 10 microgram vitamin D supplement to protect their musculoskeletal health.

Pregnant women, new mums and children under four can get free vitamin D supplements.

Find out how you can get help to buy fruit and vegetables during your pregnancy.

Page last updated: 09 July 2024


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