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Register Office Services

Southwark Register Office is closed to the general public until further notice. Please see frequently asked questions below relating to current changes to the service due to COVID-19.

Frequently asked questions

Can we now have our marriage/civil partnership ceremony?

Following the recent government announcement, all weddings and civil partnerships are postponed until further notice.

You may wish to keep your current booking and wait until there are further updates and reschedule to another date.  Please email registrars.

When will notice appointments and civil partnership/marriage ceremonies resume?

All notice appointments have been cancelled until further notice and it is not clear when the ban will be lifted. You will have the opportunity to reschedule.

My ceremony cannot take place due to the lockdown but my notice of marriage/civil partnership will expire before we can organize a new date, what can I do?

If your marriage/civil partnership license expires prior to your ceremony, you will need to give notice again.  Please email registrars.

Will I be able to give notice in time for my ceremony?

We will make every effort to ensure you are given the opportunity to give your notice of intent. Please be aware that in some instances you'll have to reschedule your ceremony date to accommodate the legal process of giving notice.  Please email registrars.

Will I need to wear a mask if I’m attending an appointment at the Register Office?

You will need to wear a mask for all face-to-face registration meetings unless you have a medical exception.

For more information, please visit the GOV.UK website.

When can we book our ceremony?

This will be subject to government COVID-19 restrictions and we are currently not taking new bookings. Please regularly check this page for updates on when the service will resume.

If you have an urgent enquiry please email registrars.

How can I register a death that took place in Southwark during the Coronavirus pandemic?

The Coronavirus Act (2020) permits us to register deaths by telephone to avoid relatives having to visit us. Please follow this link for further information

When will I be able to have my citizenship ceremony?

We are working through the backlog created by Covid-19 and we anticipate that you should have your ceremony within 4 to 6 weeks..

Will my citizenship certificate still be valid?

All certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of your home office invitation letter.

How long are the Virtual Citizenship ceremonies?

A virtual citizenship ceremony is scheduled for 30 minutes for a single person and 40 minutes for a family.

What video meeting tool do you use for virtual citizenship?

We use Zoom for virtual citizenship ceremonies.

What are the hours to attend a virtual ceremony?

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturdays 8am to 4pm.

I am a Southwark resident and I had my baby at home, how do I register my baby?

Email us at with your name, address, phone number and when and where your baby was born. 

I am a Southwark resident and I had my baby at Kings’ or St Thomas hospital how do I register my baby?

We have been given special permission by the General Register Office to temporarily register births for Southwark residents who have had their baby in Lambeth. Email us at with your name, address, phone number and when and where your baby was born.  

My baby was born outside of Southwark, can I register the birth in Southwark?

You need to register the birth in the district where the birth took place. We're not able to offer registrations ‘by declaration’ at this present time. Find more information.

I am not a Southwark resident and my child was born at Kings College/St Thomas Hospital can I register the birth with you?

As these hospitals are in the borough of Lambeth, we recommend you contact Lambeth Register office regarding the registration.

I need a copy of a birth/marriage/civil partnership/death certificate, can I still get one?

Yes you can. However we're only taking online applications.

How long will it take for me to receive my certificate?

Applications take up to 15 working days to be received. 

Can I collect my certificate?

As the office is closed to the public, there is no collection facility. All certificates are posted out by 2nd class Royal Mail to the address provided on the application form.

Do you offer an express service?


Page last updated: 12 January 2021

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