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Keep Southwark Safe

Street and estate cleaning

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Impact on street and estate cleaning

Find out about our reduced estate cleaning service below.

Daily tasks

  • cleaning/disinfecting of all touch points, eg lift buttons, door handles, door push plates, handrails etc
  • spot mopping of all internal communal areas
  • chute fed bin rotation
  • removal of bulky waste/fly tip from all communal areas
  • removal of litter and dog fouling from external communal areas

Weekly tasks

  • full sweep and mop of lifts, lobbies, stairs and internal corridors

As required

  • unblocking of chutes
  • graffiti removal

A reduced street cleaning service including:

  • removal of bulky waste/fly tip
  • graffiti removal
  • daily cleaning of main retail areas/town centres
  • twice weekly litter picking/removal of dog fouling from residential roads

Grounds and tree maintenance services will be running as normal.

You can help us by:

  • not approaching our cleaners while they're working; we should all of us keep a minimum of 2 metres away from everyone else to reduce the risk of passing on infection; and this includes our cleaners as well - for all our protection
  • making sure your refuse and recycling is placed in the correct containers - our recycling crews can’t collect contaminated bins
  • if your waste is collected from the landing, leave your waste out from 6am on the day of collection only
  • not calling the council to report a missed collection, or log a missed collection online unless absolutely necessary; this can take up capacity and slow down our systems to cause further service delays
  • putting litter into bins

If your household is self isolating

Households that are self isolating should follow the UK Governments stay at home advice. This requires you to:

  • store personal waste such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths within disposable rubbish bags
  • place these bags into another bag, tied securely and keep it separate from other waste
  • these bags should be put aside for a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) before you put them in your general waste bin
  • you cannot take this type of waste to the Household Waste Recycling and Reuse Centre

Page last updated: 09 February 2021

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