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Southwark Youth Parliament

Southwark Youth Parliament (SYP) is a group of young people, elected by young people to represent the voices of young people through their schools and neighbourhoods. SYP support the council’s engagement with young people, and they lead on developing exciting and empowering ways of addressing priority issues that matter most to young people in Southwark.

During Southwark Youth Parliament election week (18 to 24 July 2022), young people between the ages of 14 and 19 stood as candidates to represent their Southwark school or community area. Two candidates from each Southwark school and two candidates from ten community areas with the most votes were successfully elected.

Southwark young people also elected their Youth Leader and Deputy Youth Leader, as well as the top three issues they want SYP members to work on during their two-year term.

SYP's priority issues in ranking order are:

  1. Black Lives Matter
  2. Knife crime
  3. Mental health - wellbeing
  4. Disabilities

Elected leaders

  • Elected youth leader - Dreaon McDonald Simms
  • Elected deputy youth leader - vacant

Community areas - elected representatives


  • vacant
  • vacant

Borough & Bankside

  • Elsie McDowell
  • Leona Bimbashi


  • Camille Kiavue
  • Dreaon McDonald Simms


  • vacant
  • vacant

Elephant and Castle

  • Azmarea Muhamad Azlan
  • vacant


  • Taina Popoola
  • Drago Elliot Barker


  • Zoe Madu
  • vacant


  • Lee Palmer
  • Sarah Salim Omar


  • vacant
  • vacant


  • vacant
  • Konrad Szuminski

Schools - elected representatives

Ark All Saints Academy

  • vacant
  • vacant

Ark Globe Academy

  • Di'Mario Downer
  • vacant

Ark Walworth Academy

  • vacant

Bacon's College

  • Aaron Suti
  • vacant

City of London Academy Southwark

  • Mehmet Ozer

Compass School Southwark

  • vacant
  • vacant

Harris Academy Peckham

  • Haliyat Mudasir
  • vacant

Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich

  • Marlo Enzo

Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich

  • vacant

Notre Dame RC Girls' School

  • vacant

Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary School

  • Tife Ogunlowo

St Michael's Catholic College

  • De-Winton Parker
  • vacant

St Saviour's and St Olave's

  • Angel Adegbayi Oyewole
  • Mariam Durrani

St Thomas the Apostle College

  • vacant
  • vacant

The Charter School East Dulwich

  • vacant

The Charter School North Dulwich

  • vacant


Southwark Youth Parliament meets fortnightly on Wednesdays, the next meeting dates:

  • 11 and 25 January
  • 8 and 22 February
  • 8 and 22 March

SYP Podcast recording

SYP priority topics to be recorded from January to March 2023:

  • Knife crime
  • Climate change
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Disability awareness
  • Black Lives Matter

Overarching principles to be applied to podcast content and style

All podcasts will be youth led to reach and connect with young people

SYP will also be raising awareness of International Women’s Day 2023, #EmbraceEquity campaign

More information

To learn more about Southwark Youth Parliament, contact;

Page last updated: 08 March 2023

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