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The Mayflower and Mayflower 400

Map of the Thames c.1620 showing Rotherhithe peninsula

The Mayflower sailed from England to America in 1620 carrying a range of passengers, some of whom were English puritans fleeing religious persecution. As well as being a touchstone of American history, this story resonates with contemporary themes of migration, tolerance and religious freedom.

Rotherhithe was central to the optimistic start of the Mayflower’s journey, home of the captain and many member of the ship’s crew and the site of their poignant return.

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Community Commemorative Sailing 2020
Community Commemorative Sailing 2020

Mayflower 400

The year 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the historic voyage of the Mayflower ship from the UK to America. The national Mayflower 400 programme will be a platform for an international commemoration of the relationship between our nations.

Southwark is a key partner in Mayflower 400 with a programme of events to commemorate the legacy of the passengers and crew who undertook the epic journey. 

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